​Landscape Maintenance

Every landscape is different and requires a different approach. At RC Green Touch we like to create individual maintenance schedules suited to the needs of each individual property. Our goal is not only to satisfy but exceed your expectations and bring the best out of your landscape.

​Tree Care

Well maintained, healthy trees can add as much as 20% more market value to your property. Unkempt trees can not only negatively affect the market value of your property and look unappealing, but also become a huge liability to tenants, residents, customers and surrounding structures. Let us restore the beauty of your trees and work with you to create a yearly tree trimming schedule to suit the needs of each of the species in your tree inventory and help prolong healthy growth and long life.

​Irrigation Management

Irrigation can be one of the most troublesome sectors when managing a Landscape. How much should you water? When should you water? How can you save on your water bill? These are just some of the questions we help answer, along with helping to create a custom watering schedule to keep your landscape lush and green while also prioritizing water saving techniques. We’ll help keep you within your water budget for the year.